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How to Sell Your Business – The Complete Guide

When it comes to selling a business, owners must consider a number of important factors. From the initial motivations for selling to the most effective method of closing the sale, learning the ins-and-outs when considering how to sell a business can be challenging. However, there is no need to be daunted by the task ahead, as a few helpful hints can go a long way. Learn how to sell your business by reading the information below or simply scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the links to more detailed guides on specific aspects of the sales process.



How do I sell my business?

1. Make the decision to sell

– Ask yourself why you want to sell and if this is the right time for you. The motivations for selling your business dictate many of the following steps.

2. Prepare to sell your business

– Is your paperwork in order? Are you able to produce your documents on demand? Ensure you are fully prepared and ready to show prospective buyers what they need to see.

3. Determine the Value of your Business

– Determining your price depends very much on your motivations for selling. Do you want to sell quickly or for maximum profit? Both of these considerations will have an impact on your initial pricing.

4. Advertise your business for Sale

– Getting your business on the market is one thing, attracting legitimate buyers is another. Ensure you have the best chance of being seen with Daltons Business.

5. Negotiate the Sale price of your Business

– The art of negotiating is a key skill when trying to get the best price for your business. Equally, due diligence will protect both you and your buyer in the future.

6. Close the sale

– Scheduling the sale closing date should be your final step. Ensure you’ve ironed out the finer details with the buyer before this.

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